Personnel Management Policy

Academic Year 2020-2022, The University implemented the announcement of the Council Policy of Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University from 2021 to 2024. In summary, the essence associated with teaching, with an urgent policy is “Drives to update the original courses and develop new courses to modernize the country’s change, promote cooperative education and integrated education with work (Cooperative and Work Integrated Education: CWIE), both short-term courses that are non-degree regular courses (Degree Program) and Credit Bank in offline, online, and long-distance formats”. There is a key graduate production policy: “(1) determine mechanisms and measures to monitor the course management in accordance with the course quality standards according to the high education standard framework, (2) promote the development of students’ English skills, understanding and using digital technology continuously, (3) promote students to integrate learning by going to the actual area, focus on using innovative education in integrating educational innovation in tandem with learning of each course according to local needs, (4) pushing all courses to see the importance of teaching development, and (5) promote various teaching methods and knowledge to meet local needs in concretely”.

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